agap2 meets the requirements of works owners, prime contractors and works contractors in the building, Public Works and infrastructures sectors.

Buildings of the future: without frills, strong and connected

agap2 expertise

  • agap2 is working in the Construction sector. Our positioning enables us to meet the requirements of prime contractors, works owners and works contractors in the Building industry, Public Works and Infrastructures sectors.

  • The increasing urbanisation of the population, the considerable infrastructures requirement and new ways of life are pushing the construction sector to innovate. Insulation, comfort, safety, health and durability: these are the main requirements for the buildings of the future.

Areas of expertise


  • Assistance for works owner / delegate works owner
  • Drafting of project drawings
  • Drafting of calls for tender
  • Drafting of written documents
  • Technical analysis of contractors’ bids
  • Management of contracts
  • Project management
  • Works supervision
  • Acceptance

References and technical expertise

  • Supervision of a national bank branches renovation programme: management the administrative and technical organisation of real estate operations, management of contractors involved, design progress and implementation of corrective action
  • Assistance of the Delegate Operations Manager: planning, organisation and operational supervision. Supervision of prime contracting, drafting and management of contracts with companies (contractors and suppliers)
  • Buildings energy optimisation work. Supervision of energy performance contracts, management of energy saving, documentation and on-site audits. Works supervision


  • Design prime contracting
    Drafting of calls for tender (preliminary project, project, call for tender documents)
    Drafting of written documents (special technical specifications -CCTP, special administrative specifications -CCAP, price list – BPU, etc.)
    Drafting of project drawings
    Technical analysis of contractors’ bids
    Digital modelling and BIM Management
  • Execution prime contracting
    Management of works contracts
    Supervision of works (ACT – assistance during procurement process/DET/VISA/pre-acceptance operations – OPR)
    Scheduling, Control & and Coordination (OPC)
    Acceptance/Clearance of reservations/Ensuring compliance

References and technical expertise

  • Design prime contracting
    Urban heating and chilled water network projects: replies to calls for tender, drafting of design documents (AVP, PRO, DCE), analysis of bids (ACT) and completion of VISA. MEIA project (sizing and construction of Kerbala airport, in Iraq): project coordination for the basic design and detailed design phases
  • Execution prime contracting
    Supervision of works as execution prime contractor for the complete rebuilding of a motorway drainage network. Supervision of the DET mission
    All sectors works management for the A350 assembly hall: interfaces between all lots, acceptance of works and drafting of reservations
    Project to increase the rail traffic capacity of the Lille-Flandres rail station: definition of general master scheduling for the track, catenaries, signalling, works and platforms sectors


  • Replies to calls for tender and execution studies
    Replies to calls for tender
    Execution studies/Costing
    Drafting of execution drawings
    Drafting of operating procedures
    Drafting of administrative documents PPSPS (special safety and health protection plan) /QAP
    BIM / Modelling
  • Works / Acceptance
    Management of works contracts
    Works supervision
    Works management
    Acceptance/Clearing of reservations/Ensuring compliance

References and technical expertise

  • Replies to calls for tender and execution studies
    Management of execution methods on the Canopée work site (renovation of Les Halles de Châtelet)
    Execution design work for the Paris High Court in reinforced concrete engineering structure
    Work on the construction project for the multi-mode centre at the Nanterre Université urban rail transit station: definition of organisational methods (works phasing, flows, site organisation)
  • Works / Acceptance
    Management of works for the external development of the Le Havre sports stadium
    Renovation of the Lille underground rail system: implementation of electrical equipment, in collaboration with the managers of the various lots involved in the works contracts, interface between the design department and the works group
    Supervision of multi-sector technical works on the renovation project for the “The Peninsula” luxury hotel

Quality policy

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